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August 25, 2012


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How worrying for you guys!

I am big on counselling. Have you thought about looking into a family/child physcologist?

Good luck xx


You cannot let this go on. Your baby deserves to feel safe. Tears welled when I read about Charlie feeling fear for the first time in his young life. I remember the first time I knew my mother couldn't save me from the monster that had me trapped in a room a few feet away. I learned that my little girl telepathic link to her wasn't real, since she couldn't hear me screaming silently for help. The fear that came with the knowledge still affects me to this day.

Both of your babies need a little help. Talk with your pediatrician. Hopefully they can refer you to someone who can help. Your instincts are keen. You know things aren't quite as right as you wish they were. Save your babies. Get help now. My heart goes out to you. You are brave to share your concerns. Please, let us know how things work out. Your baby is beautiful.


You have a beautiful baby, it is so sad to hear about your problems.

Isabella Golightly

Is it possible that Oliver doesn't understand that Charlie is fragile and breakable, and should be treated like he's made of China? It could be that he doesn't understand that Charlie can't react, or defend himself like Henry might when he & Oliver are playing? Have you asked Doc Rosie if she might have had a similar experience? Xox

Auntie Alie

I think he wells up with such emotion that it overcomes him and he doesn't know how to handle it. He was like that with Blossom even without any family positioning issues, and just want to be all over her stroking her and right in her face, which was okay as she was 4 months and still always within my sight, but as Charlie starts to crawl and get around if he wants to escape Olive it will be much harder. Think Olie needs him own time and not piggy in the middle which Dr Rosie being their will help with, and to also understand that Charlie is very fragile and not ready for rough play. Big auntie kisses xxxx


He could be that Oliver is jealous of the attention the other brother is getting. It could be to due to the foods your feeding him or it's just a faze. It could also be all of the above. Give him lots of love and go from there.

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