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November 19, 2011


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omg!! he is all kinds of gorgeousness isn't he. congratulations to you all. well done.



Congratulations, he is gorgeous and I'm very glad for you that he is home and safe. Yours boys look like they make fantastic big brothers


Congratulations! so glad after the.bumpy start...he is home and all well.



Congratulations, glad everything is fine now


Congratulations Clare. He is PERFECT! That flawless skin and downy hair - just delicious. Makes me clucky.


Congratulations! He is SO sweet :) My Charlie is my number 3 too! I'm glad everything ended up great after a few scares and frustrations. Hope you can get a little rest!


Many, many congratulations! My eyes filled up with tears at the pictures of those proud brothers holding their little new brother!
Jess x x


Gorgeous story, lovely words, beautiful pictures!! What a wonderful little person he is!! Small but perfectly formed - we would expect no less!! Congratulations clever girl!! xxxxx


Congratulations! What a beautiful post, I love all the photos, what an amazing journey for you all.

He is divine, so sweet and angelic!


Clare, congratulations. What a beautiful boy. Am so pleased that you have him home safe and sound - enjoy your new family of 5. Well done to you! xx

Isabella Golightly

So gorgeous... well done both of you!


Congrats - it sounds like a hugely stressful birth but great news that he is home and being pampered. He is so lovely!


Oh my, he's so beautiful, you must be overjoyed to have him home after his difficult start. I just love the way newborns sleep. Congratulations and try to take it a bit easy!


After all that you went through....he is oh so gorgeous! I would have loved to have made cake to celebrate his first week! :-) Enjoy your precious family! xx


Congratulations Clare!!!!! SO GLAD all is well now. Take it easy and enjoy that newborn loveliness!


Oh Clare, how wonderful and look at you! I am with you on the handing control over thing - I had four babies with no probs and then had to have a Caesarean with Isabella and it freaked me out. I can honestly say the experience was as special as the others thanks to the docs but oh, tehe recovery! Took me ages whereas you look amazing. Well done and enjoy x

Melissa in GA

Too too CUTE!!! I'm glad you are all ok and home- what a time you had. I kept checking each day to see if you had posted. Our friends had their little girl the same day:) Your little one looks so snuggly! xoxo


How good that all turned out well. Congratulations to you and your family :o)


Congratulations. I have had that op. Great you are up and moving. Cheers.


Oh Clare - I have been waiting for your update! So wonderful to see that you are all doing so well after a stressful start. Go gently and enjoy your babymoon!

Mel. xox

PS Hope the binder is helping too.

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