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September 08, 2011


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I remember it well - my pet one was, " have you heard of contraception?"!!!! This was because we chose to have more than two! Bizarre what people think they can say to you isn't it? Take no notice my lovely and just be smug that you aren't so crass. By the way, my mum had seven girls and was thrilled with each of us because we are people not just a gender! x


We choose to keep the gender of the baby that is comming a secret. People seem not to be able to respect that, ask all the time, try to find something in what you say, even ask the kids (who know gender, name,... 'cause we want them to be part of it all)
A friend said: "I hope you will be having a boy (we have two girls now), he is going to be such a style icon" I thought "huh" why can't people just let it be "a baby" so pure, so the beginning of a new human being, but a "style icon"? Ouch, brrrr
Anyway, I talk as little as possible about the pregnancy, just to keep it as intimite as possible.
But, enjpy your pregnancy, and roll your eyes for that kind of comments... ;-)


Another beautiful baby boy - just perfect!!! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, it is such a magical time (although sometimes it is a little hard to remember that in the middle of the night when you can't get comfortable and have to get up for a trip to the toilet - again!) Great photo too Henry, hope you win the photo competition.


trust me, been there!! When I was pregnant with my 3rd so many people said to me... "oh I bet you wanted a girl, eh?"

ehm... I wanted a... baby?

of course a girl would have been a nice new experience, but hey, have you seen how awesome my boys are? why wouldn't I be unhappy with another one?

Children are not fashion accessories!!!

It used to make me soooo angry.

Melissa in GA

One of my good friends has 4 boy and they have all been the most fun and beautiful little babies (now young men). I was always so excited for her to be having another baby- no matter what she was having, an elf would have been exciting and wonderful. Poo to all the bores out there! Don't let anyone rain on your parade:) He will be the cutest, most wonderful little baby in the world and we will all be so happy for you all & want loads of pictures of course:) Boy or girl, all babies are a joy and a wonderful happiness just waiting to be. I am so excited for you!!! I wish I was having another- boy/girl/elf? haha, I'll make do with a puppy again at some point-lol!


I have a hard time listening to other people giving me advice as well, especially when I'm pregnant. Why can't they just be happy for me! I have 5 boys, and this last time when we found out it was a boy again (which we were just expecting) some of my in-laws were actually mad. They thought it was unfair for us to get another boy. His name is Henry, by the way, and we adore him :)

I also have to say that if you keep having babies people are going to ask you if you're trying for a girl. I get annoyed with that question, even when I'm not pregnant.


congrats on your third boy! i have 3 boys! and the comments don't get any better....oh, your missing out on so much by not having a girl...gee thanks, cause i can help that...are you going to go back and try to get it right? um excuse me, they have all their fingers and toes, how much more right do you want? i craft, i cook, i love my boys...

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