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October 10, 2010


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Cath W

Hi Clare - sorry to hear about your ordeal, and hope all is well now. My ante-natal instructor suggested pretending to be a teacup. Needless to say that teacup got pretty smashed, pretty quickly at the onset of labour.
Having said that, I endured a pretty terrifying incident on a friend's yacht, involving force 6 winds and a wind farm, where, convinced I was going to die, I found my 'happy place'. I can't remember the details now, but I know it was necessary for me to find 'it' because the fear was simply to much to deal with.
So I would have to agree - incredible minds indeed.


My mother's younger sister is a bit new-age. She has done meditation classes where they go to their 'haven'. Hers is a white house overlooking a valley in the Australian bush. There is a big white bird that swoops overhead.
When her beloved dog - Jessie - died my aunt was most upset to find that Jessie had not gone to her haven. Her husband replied, "no, that's because she's with me in mine". His haven was his fishing boat, and Jessie had always been obsessed about going fishing with my uncle.
I love all that sort of thing. The mind is powerful indeed. I can't say I've ever tried it myself, but I have had a past life reading which was rather interesting.


I hope you're feeling better now after your proceedure. Reading your post I'm impressed that you dealt with it using your mind alone, you sound like a strong person.
I don't have a place as yet but as I'm having my first baby in five months time, I think I'd better get one sorted out!


Beautiful, such a strong beach and wow Iearn something new every day about someone u love from their blog ;)) I'm leaving a big Facebook "like" in this space xx

Melissa in Atlanta

I had my second child with nothing,as I was having her on the way in the hospital & it was much better than with an epidural! I don't have a specific "place" I focus on, but I tell myself in my mind that I have to deal and sort of just remove myself from what's going on-sounds so weird, but it does work. I've been told I have a high pain tolerance, but when I knock my toe on something it sure doesn't seem like it;) Hope all's well now and you are feeling good! I'm like you, I can't take much pain medication- I rarely take an aspirin- things just affect me strongly. Bummer! Take care!


Where are you Clare? I'm missing your blogs!! Hope you are well. Jen x


Oh, Sweet. I know we don't know each other from Adam (apart from a few random comments here). Just wanted to let you know you're being thought of.


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