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September 18, 2009


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All those years at my religious school and things are finally making sense :). So sweet- I love to hear things explained by kids and to see the world through their eyes. It was always a bit scary to me- sounds like to Oliver too? We definitely have the Irish C thing going on at my house, but we don't attend (this is a bit of a confession)... I feel the responsibility to tell my kids what I have learned, but I want them to make their decision of faith based on what they feel is in their heart. I never could understand the whole deal with being absolved to run back out and keep doing the same wrong things over and over again- I juts prefer to treat people as best I can and when I make mistakes I try to learn from them and not have to make the same ones again. Hope I'm on the right track?! So deep for a Friday. Now, on to politics...... LOL

Clare Powell

Delightful!!The things they come out with.


Thanks for the laugh.


I AM SO with you on the religion/faith topic...and funnily enough our 5 year old has been questioning recently.
GREAT post!
OH...I have a Giveaway for one of my original Art pieces over at my blog...head on over and enter...you never know!



This is awesome.
I love kids.
I love that you are allowing them the to freedom to explore.


sometimes I think that kids have all the answers if we were to just let them be completely free from societal influence. I always wondered,if they weren't told all of the "answers," what would they think of the world? Thank you for sharing :)

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If you feel that this world has grown smaller, what sort of reassurance can you give to the rest of the world?
Or are we still citizens of our own individual countries alone? With our own individual concerns?

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