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June 21, 2009


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oo how exciting and just wait till you get your first egg!!! well done on just getting on and doing it :-)
lesley x

Melissa H.

I love their names! I am so excited for you guys- I'll have to get my chicken fix from your photos. I am curious how much noise they will actually make- because I still keep thinking I could sneak some into our backyard without anyone knowing in our neighborhood? What kind of chickens are they? So cute!


Eggselent (someone had to say it!)
My kids have Chickens at Day Care and they are a favourite. Very cool looking chook pens in the link by the way, but somehow I fancy yours would end up looking much prettier after they had been "lulu-fied"
x Jayne


Poor little Rhubarb! Her tail feathers will grow back quickly, now that she is living in such a good place :o)

They are lovely, and at 18 and 16 weeks, you shouldn't have to wait too long for eggs. I think some of my hens started laying as early as 4 months, and they were all going strong by 6 months. That first tiny egg is one of the best things in life! I poked holes in each end and blew the contents out, and still have it in a little nest under a glass cloche in my living room :o)


I love the russle and hussle chickens make...very comforting, perhaps because we grew up with chickens in our garden.
I love their names too...Lucy is the perfect pet chicken name.
When do they start laying?
Have fun with them!


Oh...Marne just answered my question...sorry...didn't read ALL the comments before commenting...


So lovely! Try hanging some corn cobs up for them to peck; that will keep them busy. When my daughter was in Year 1, they had a project on vegetables and she was the only one in a class of over 30 who had ever shelled a pea!


Oh, have fun! Chickens are so wonderful! I miss having them and look forward getting back into the country in a couple of years, and having them again!

Lovely names too! A wonderful way for the kids to learn.

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