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September 23, 2008


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Ooooh I'm so with you for the red ... and the polka dots too ! Sorry for the beloved shoes ...
Now this is a fab bracelet !! Well done ! :) Have a great day !! *Ü*

kitschen pink

Poor poppet! Keep on the sunny side; The shoes are dead. Long live the shoes. You need to spend quality time in shoes shops as soon as possible!

Daisy Steiner

The same thing happened to me this weekend, my blue polka dot ballet flats finally gave up on life. RIP Pretty shoes.

Anna Spiro

Oh, are they the ones from Witchery a couple of season ago?? If they are I had the exact same pair and they were my favourite too until they wore through just like yours! Such a sad day when I threw mine out!! I feel your pain!


i think they just became rock-hopping beach shoes. there! no need to throw them out ;)))


I wore my favorite flip flops until they CRACKED IN HALF this summer. I've go the exact same color on my toenails right now!


It is horrible when you lose your favorite pair of shoes. As we can see, you loved them very well.

The Mommy

You know, I found the CUTEST shoes on the Japan Craigslist site...I'm just saying.


Poor you, they are your signature. You know the solution in future buy 2 pairs!


Oh what a shame. They are so gorgeous too. Shoe shopping tomorrow? xx

Claire Falkingham

at least you have a reminder of your gorgeous shoes in your header! Love, love, love red!!


I so much loved your post and your pictures. Beautiful.


you must keep them anyway !! I have spent ages looking for something similar in england but no luck yet :-( I do love red though - nearly every room in my house has red accents !!!

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